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Nancy Sinatra has released Shelley's song, "Texas Blue Moon", on her new CD titled: "Nancy & Lee 3". "Texas Blue Moon" is performed by Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood. "Nancy & Lee 3" is currently available on "Warner International Records" in Australia & New Zealand. The CD was #15 the first week of release on the Australia country charts. "Texas Blue Moon" was originally released on Shelley's CD, "The Highway", in 2002. - US and European release dates for "Nancy & Lee 3" TBA. -

January 29, 2004
Austin Chronicle
Phases and Stages - Texas platters
By: Margaret Moser

Rockin' the Dancehall (Lemonade)
Shelley King

Rockin' The Dancehall With a proverbial trunk full of instant hits and yet-unheard classics, Shelley King could've taken the studio route for her third CD. Best known for her full-throttle vocals and a string of tunes made famous by Toni Price ("Tennessee Whiskey," "Who Needs Tears," "Call of My Heart"), King takes center stage with both at Texas' oldest dance hall, Gruene Hall. By planting her crowd-pleasing compositions right where they belong - in front of a live audience - the 14 songs burst into blooms of every color, from blues ("Rainy Daze") to blacktop ("The Highway"). The shuffle of waltzing feet is almost audible on "Things You Do," and the only thing missing from "One Shot at a Time" is the clink of shot glasses toasting. King's talent lies not just in her fine songwriting ("Running Out of Blue," "One Way Ticket to Austin"), but also a comfortable rapport with the audience that comes through in the well-oiled machinery of the Shelley King Band: Perry Drake, Bonnie Whitmore, Kyle Judd, and Kris Brown. King keeps their motor revved with a nonstop schedule of touring and performing, and their proficiency is evident on tracks such as "High on a Mountain," "Summer Song," and "Soul Searching." Too often, live LPs are a way of filling gaps between studio releases or fulfilling contracts. In the hands of Shelley King and her band of cross-country gypsies, Rockin' the Dancehall is an exuberant breath of air.

Shelley King and Floramay Holliday

Artz Rib House, Wednesday, Nov 26, 2003
Austin Chronicle - Margaret Moser

"It's a treat to find Shelley King and Floramay Holliday every Wednesday at Artz Rib House - the smoky aromas of ribs and fixins permeate their sultry voices. King and Holliday are distinctive songwriters and of a common mind when they perform as an acoustic duo, the Jonz Sisters, not to be confused with their rock band alter ego, Sis Deville. South Carolina-born Holliday makes a good long, tall Texan: 6 feet tall not including boots and hat. That same self-assurance imbues her music with Southern grit and gutsy word punch in song-stories like "The Fox and the Raven" from her self-titled 1999 CD. Like Holliday, King can't get enough of the stage. With two excellent CDs behind her (Call of My Heart and The Highway) and a live one due for Christmas, King is gathering steam. Her sharp songwriting has already netted one Austin Music Award (in 2002 for Toni Price's version of "Call of My Heart"), and at the rate her delicious songs are being nabbed, more may be on the way. King's sizzle and Holliday's tall drink of Hill Country water are leaving audiences hungry and thirsty for more."

Shelley King The Highway, 2002 Lemonade Records

• Austin singer and songwriter Shelley King had been establishing a solid local following since her arrival in 1992, but when Toni Price covered two of King's songs on "Midnight Pumpkin," King's songwriting talent became firmly established, earning her several Austin Music Awards. With the release of her second album, King displays her prowess with the pen as well as her pipes. King, who has described herself as a naturally happy person, sounds like she's having a darn good time here, which is a testimony to how energetic her live shows must be. Even when she sings of lost love, she sounds joyful and hopeful. The 12 songs run the gamut from commercially viable Americana to zydeco to soul- and gospel-tinged roots music. The first half effectively evokes the wide-open, sultry landscape of East Texas and Louisiana, but the songs are not as interesting, musically and lyrically, as the ones that follow. Most of the songs on the second half tone down their country element and let more a more soulful sound through, which suits King's big, un-cryin'-in-your-beer voice. Much is made in reviews of King's gospel background (singing in church in Arkansas), and that early training comes through in her vocals. While King can be ebullient, she is also capable of singing with a smoky tone of wisdom to her voice, as in "Walk On" and "Who Needs Tears", whose lyrics are equally wise.
Not merely a singer-songwriter, King is both singer and songwriter.

Clarissa Sansone - Country Standard Time

• "This sultry diva with a voice bigger than Texas blends her country with a touch of gospel, some blues, a sprinkling of southern rock and lashings of soul. "Eric Black - Blue Country News"

Read the full review at Blue Country News in Australia!

Toni Price recently recorded an episode for the 25th season of Austin City Limits
Toni performed two Shelley King songs for that special:
"Call Of My Heart" and "Who Needs Tears"

• "Shelley King blends country, rock, and folk in a way that's pure Americana.
She sings from her soul and the KNBT listeners love it!"
Mattson Rainer- KNBT Program Director
KNBT Radio - New Braunfels, Texas
#1 Americana station in the country - as reported by GAVIN. 

• "There are songwriters and there are singers. Rarely does someone with a fantastic set of
pipes come equipped with songwriting chops to match. Shelley King is an artist whose voice and whose words will grab your ears and hold them."
Jim Beal Jr. - KSYM Dj
San Antonio Express News

Shelley King - Empire Brewing Co. - June 16
"Austin, Texas performer Shelley King and her music showcase the soulfulness of a gospel singer, overtaken by the fire of the blues within the sensibilities of roots music. King combines the best of Texas blues, rock, folk and country with a dynamic stage presence and "energy that inspires any audience to get up and dance" (Syracuse New Times). A lifetime of performing in everything from gospel choirs and musical theater to leading various bands across the southwest, King has an unmistakable voice. She tours in support of her most recent release, Call Of My Heart."
Freetime Magazine
Rochester, NY

June 14 to June 28, 2000 Vol. 24 No. 2

Haunted by Joplin's ghost
"second coming of Janis Joplin" "Texas based singer's got a big voice", "respectable roots singer playing with straight-forward country, folk, and blues styles."
Rochester's Alternative Weekly
Vol. 29, No. 38, June 14-20, 2000

• "Shelley King, Austin songwriter returns to the Empire after a year on the road.
King mixes rhythm'n'blues with a little western music."
Syracuse New Times
June 14-21, 2000

• "Shelley King - Raised on gospel, this roof-raising singer now merges Texas blues, rock, folk and country sounds into a compelling whole. She is a favorite on the musically fertile Austin scene." Saturday June 10, 12am. Chicago's on Queen St.
NXNE and Toronto's NOW Magazine
Toronto's Alternative Weekly - June 10, 2000

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